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Alcohol 120% + Auto-Loader AxLaUn

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Alcohol 120% + Auto-Loader AxLaUn

Post by Prinsa on Thu Aug 26, 2010 12:26 am


Alcohol 120% + Auto-Loader AxLaUn | 10.4 MB

Alcohol 120% - a program designed to create and burn backups of your CD and DVD discs. It also allows them to make electronic copies (images) for recording or running through virtual drives.

Alcohol 120% can create 31 virtual drive for playing CD and DVD, working with that will not be anything different from that of a conventional optical media, except for high speed reading - the disk image up to 200 times faster than conventional CD or DVD (with a completely silent ).
Another feature of the program are configurable "wet read" and a powerful system emulation protection, so you can easily make a copy, even with a reliable copy-protected CD with your favorite computer game, thus saving expensive original from accidental damage.
Alcohol 120% uses the latest technology and constantly improved and developed, that allows the program to remain a leader in its class. If you have experience in the treatment of CD and DVD discs, you know very well that they can scratch or break, may be lost or stolen. With Alcohol 120% you can easily create their replicas, protecting its collection.

Extras. information
Key features and characteristics of Alcohol 120%
Supported platforms: Windows XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7 (beta).
Can handle up to 31 virtual CD and DVD-ROM drive!
You can use several programs to work with a CD or DVD simultaneously.
Speed Reading virtual disk in a virtual drive 200x.

Reads the disk-image files in the following formats:
Native format Media Descriptor Image (mds);
CloneCD Image (ccd / img / sub) (only for CD)
CDR WIN Image (cue / bin) (Available for a CD with only one session, can not maintain sub-channeld data);
Standard ISO Image (iso) (Available for a CD with only one track, can not maintain sub-channeld data);
Supports CD, DVD and CD RAW sub-channel reading methods.
> > RAW reading method enables you to copy any disc.
> > Methods for recording CD: Disc-At-Once/Session-At-Once, RAW Session-At-Once, RAW Session-At-Once + SUB, RAW Disc-At-Once, PQ / RW with the full support of sub-code.

Supports the following file formats disk images to emulate and record:
Media Descriptor Image (mds),
CloneCD Image (ccd / img / sub),
CDRWIN Image (cue / bin),
NERO Image (nrg),
Standard ISO Image (iso),
BlindSuite image (bwt / bwi / bws),
DiscJuggler image (cdi).

This release is made as follows:
- Added new user interface with full support for Unicode encoding
- Implemented control function catalog images
- Made improvements to the engine to burn
- Added a module for converting audio
- Added center shared on a network drive for the driver Alcohol iSCSI
- Built-scanner to determine the type of protection
- Includes new version of the driver SPTD 1.62

Year: 2010
Developer: Alcohol-Software
Platform: Windows
Compatibility with Vista: complete
System Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Language: ML

Download here
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